About Us

Krish Infotech is not your destination. We are your arrival point from which to take off and discover the best of what the Web has to offer of visual interest. Since 2000 we've been expanding with the Web to provide the graphic design community with a place from which to explore design amidst friends and peers.

The World Wide Web is expanding daily and today it's one of the best and most inexpensive ways to give your business exposure. With millions of Internet users, having a web site is a sure way of letting the local community and the world know that you exist.

Krish Infotech is a fastest growing and upcoming Web Development, Software development and software testing company offering incomparable services, high quality products and impeccable and cost-effective solutions. Krish Infotech has provided diverse software solutions to customers by consistently performing up to the mark and helping customers extend the reach of their enterprise solution.

We pursue excellence in everything we do, our strong and experienced management team works with and leads a group of extremely bright,
talented and innovative software engineers to deliver products and services of global standards. Our high quality standards and customer satisfaction speaks for itself. With a history of successful projects, you can trust Krish Infotech to work with you from the first steps to the successful implementation and launch of your project. We continue to support you after the launch to ensure your continued and ongoing success. With our experience we are developing leading-edge products and our focus on getting results.
Krish Infotech is a company that delivers what you need: projects completed on time, within budget, and exceeding your expectations.